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"A pregnant body needs to move to embrace the change. Bellydance gives women the opportunity to breathe change into all that is changing ~ breasts, belly, hips, heart, fingertips, toes, womb." -Angela Fitzgerald, mother & doula

Benefits of Bellydancing for Birth

  • Opens the hips

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor

  • Builds confidence

  • Builds connection with self and with baby

  • Tunes you into your primal brain and away from your thinking brain

  • Promotes optimal positioning for birth

Bellydance Increases:

  • Self-esteem

  • Muscle Tone

  • Flexibility

  • Pelvic Dimensions

  • Circulation & Blood Flow to prevent tearing

Bellydance Decreases:

  • Anxiety

  • Back Pain

  • Stress

  • Tension

Postpartum Benefits

  • Opportunity for relaxation time for mom and baby

  • Promotes close bond between mom and baby

  • Strengthens muscle tone and builds strength

  • Baby builds core strength

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