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 Angela Rose


Hello! My name is Angela and I am a birth doula and Labor and Delivery Nurse. I was first introduced to the magic of labor and birth when I witnessed the births of my sister’s children. I was 19 years old when I came to California from Massachusetts to help my sister, Christina, through her first pregnancy. I wasn’t planning on staying, but felt drawn to assist her, and her family through this life changing experience. I stayed to make California my home, and was present at the subsequent births of my nieces and nephews. The miracle of life opened my eyes to the beautiful world of pregnancy and childbirth.

Thus, began my own journey to becoming a doula and labor nurse. Until then, I didn’t know what my next venture would be in life. Through my reading and research, I soon discovered the works of Ina May Gaskin and The Midwives at The Farm in Tennessee. I had the opportunity to study with these women, and my experience with The Farm Midwives was life-changing. These midwives opened my eyes and filled me with a renewal of the immense beauty of giving birth. These remarkable women empower pregnant women to innately trust in the strength of their own bodies. Each day I am continually inspired by their teachings--to bring emotional, practical, and social support into a mother’s birthing process.

I believe that every woman has the right to choose the way she wants to bring her child into this world. Life is sacred. Please know that I would be honored to be a part of your birthing team.


With blessings of love,


Angela Rose


"If you are seeking a doula, and you have happened upon Angela Rose, you are very fortunate. She embraces all of the qualities you would value at the time of labor and birth. She is intuitive, supportive, understanding, personable, and nonjudgmental.

Angela Rose was present for the birth of three of my children, and I don’t know how I would have done it without her! She understood and connected with me throughout my labors and was willing to do whatever necessary for me to be comfortable and for things to go smoothly. Things didn’t always go as planned during labor and delivery (as they rarely do!), yet Angela remained calm, reassuring, and positive. She encouraged me to meet my goals despite challenges and helped me to remain positive during times when it was clear that things would not go as I was anticipating.

Angela comes from a perspective of valuing the natural beauty of life. She understands the amazing process of labor and delivery and sees beauty in every aspect of it. It is a person with this perspective that you want by your side during such a vulnerable time. She helped me to feel empowered and whole despite the difficulties and challenges of labor.

I know for me, it was a tough decision as to who to have present at the birth of my children. My husband was always 100% supportive and was there for everything. However, despite his good intentions, he wasn’t comfortable and didn’t understand the physical aspects and the intenseness that accompanied the process of labor and delivery. Having Angela Rose present significantly alleviated the stress and pressure that he was feeling and made the whole experience more positive for both of us.

If you have the opportunity to choose Angela Rose as your doula, I am wholeheartedly confident that you will be very happy with your choice. She is the best!"


"I found Angela when I was about 26 weeks pregnant. At first I wasn't planning a home birth, but after a very specific Dr visit that left me with a lot of anxiety and feeling like I didn't have any control, I decided that home birth was the right choice for me. Angela was supportive every step of the way. Whenever I reached out to her she offered a lot of great advice and was quick to respond. Since Angela spent some time on The Farm in TennesSee I joked and asked if she could get Ina May to be my midwife, and while Ina May wasn't available (of course), Angela connected me with a traditional midwife that was absolutely right for my soul.

I always felt like I had a friend to help me through this pregnancy. Every little question I had, or advice I sought, Angela responded with grace and compassion. I had a lot of round ligament pain, and she offered several different exercises and tecHniques to use to ease that. Angela always had these little goodies that would help with whatever it was that I was going through in that moment. When my special needs child became sick with the nasty flu, Angela came over the same day bringing an immune boosting goodie bag to help my child feel better and to help prevent me from catching the flu.

The morning my waters broke, Angela came to my home and assisted beautifully with helping me through labor and delivery. When my 9 year old daughter came into the room and watched the placenta come out, Angela perfectly explained what the placenta was for. Angela was amazing with both my 9 year old and my specials needs 7 year old.

Angela was also great when it came to using essential oils which was important to me. I used EO's a lot throughout my pregnancy, so it was very nice to have someone who knew a lot about oils.

Both my husband and I are so grateful to have had Angela's help and guidance along the way, we couldn't have asked for a better doula!"


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