Hello friends! I recently traveled to Costa Rica where I offered volunteer doula services at a birthing center in Turrialba. The name of the mission is St. Bryce and the center is called St. Francis Emmaus. There is great work being done there to help reduce infant and maternal mortality rates by an incredible 50%. The indigenous Cabecar people suffer mortality from childbirth at rates 5x higher than the rest of the country. The St. Francis Emmaus Center provides a safe place for women to labor and to return to for support after birth. At the center, women are offered a comfortable place to sleep, home-cooked nutritious meals, and access to Costa Rica's internationally-acclaimed health care system. The women who come to the center are offered free birth doula services, as well as lactation support, education in early bonding, and caring for their babies. Approximately 400 mothers and children pass through the St. Francis Emmaus Center each year. 

To learn more and send donations directly to the center please visit their website at


Thank you for your support. I am currently accepting new clients at this time. I can be reached at  almamamadoula@gmail.com

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